Lottery Licences

Raffle, Break-open, & Bingo Lottery Licences

Application forms, Terms & Conditions, and Report forms for lottery licences can either be picked up at the Clerk's Department in the Town Administration Building or downloaded from the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario website:

The cost of a licence is $2 when the value of the prize is $299 or less.  When the value of the prize is $300 or more, the cost of the licence is 3% of the value of the prize (e.g. for a $500 prize, the cost of the license would be $15).

A lottery report must be completed and submitted to the Clerk’s Department within 30 days after the event has taken place.  With the report you must submit:

• Sample of the lottery ticket used for the event
• Copies of all deposit slips related to the event
• A list of winners
• Receipts for each expense incurred
• A copy of the cancelled cheque(s) (i.e. beneficiary of the lottery proceeds)