Lord Mayor and Council

Lord Mayor and Council

1593 Four Mile Creek Road, Box 100
Virgil, ON  L0S 1T0
Town Offices: 905-468-3266
Fax: 905-468-2959


Lord Mayor Betty Disero
Email: betty.disero@notl.com  
Office: 905-468-3266
Cell: 905-246-4653
Councillor Norm Arsenault
Email: norm.arsenault@notl.com
Cell: 289-214-8836
Councillor Allan Bisback
Email: allan.bisback@notl.com  
Phone: 905-468-8550
Cell: 289-241-9977
Councillor Gary Burroughs
Email: gary.burroughs@notl.com
Phone: 905-468-3568
Cell: 905-658-8717
Councillor Clare Cameron
Email: clare.cameron@notl.com  
Cell: 905-658-4637
Councillor Wendy Cheropita
Email: wendy.cheropita@notl.com  
Phone: 905-468-7971
Cell: 416-809-2194
Councillor Sandra O'Connor
Email: sandra.oconnor@notl.com  
Cell: 905-658-4407
Councillor Erwin Wiens
Email: erwin.wiens@notl.com  
Phone: 289-687-5551
Councillor John Wiens
Email: john.wiens@notl.com  
Phone: 905-246-1138
Regional Councillor Gary Zalepa
Email: gary.zalepa@niagararegion.ca
Phone: 416-602-5431