The documents contained in this section pertain to the governance of the whole Town. By-laws pertaining to individual property issues/matters will not be posted on this site.

Please note, due to the size of these documents you may experience delays in downloading.

If you are looking for a by-law which is not included in the list below, please contact the Clerk's Department and a copy can be e-mailed to you.

Animal Care & Control By-law 4512-11, 4512B-22 By-law Enforcement
Appointing Local Authority Services By-law 4181-07 Clerk’s Department
Building Permits By-law 4115-07 & Schedule A Building Department
Cannabis By-law 500XN-20 Community & Development
Clean Yard By-law 5190-19 By-law Enforcement
Code of Conduct By-law 5061-18 Clerk's Department
Comprehensive Zoning By-law By-law 4316-09
and Approved Amendments
Community & Development
Development Charges Residential and Non-residential:
By-law 5072-18
Finance Department
Fences By-law 4778-14 By-law Enforcement
Fire Department By-law 5244-20 Fire & Emergency Services
Fireworks - Sale of & Use By-law 5172-19 Fire & Emergency Services
Hunting License By-law

By-law 1049-80

By-law 1049A-80

Corporate Services 
Interim Control By-law/Old Town By-law No. 5105-18 Community & Development 
Irrigation Enforcement By-law 4220-08 Public Works
Newspaper Boxes By-law 1829B-06 Public Works
Noise By-law 4588-12 By-law Enforcement
Parks By-Law By-law 5306-21 & 5306A-21 Operations
Parking By-law 4308-09 (Consolidated with Amendments to Oct 2015)
By-law 4309-09 & Amendments (Private Property)
By-law 4710-14 & 4710A-14
(Fire Routes)
By-law 4744-14 (Administrative Penalty System) & 4744A-16
Parking Services
Part IV of The Ontario Heritage Act By-law 3989-05 Community & Development
Payment Card Processing By-law 4742-14 & 4742A-14 Finance Department
Procedure By-law By-law 5125-19 (Consolidated with Amendments) and By-law 5061-18 (Council Code of Conduct) Clerk's Department
Procedures for Notices By-law 3784-03 Clerk's Department
Procurement of Goods & Services By-law 4701-14 (Consolidated with amendments) Corporate Services
Property Standards By-law 5192-19 & 5192A-21 By-law Enforcement
Public Nuisances By-law 4397-10 & 4397A-11 By-law Enforcement
Sale of Land By-law 4356-10 Corporate Services
Sanitary Sewer By-law 767B-08 Public Works
Sign By-law By-law 4586-12 & 4586A-18 & 4586B-19 By-law Enforcement
Site Alteration By-law 3941-05 Building Services
Short Term Rentals; Licensing, Zoning & Official Plan By-laws 4634-13 (consolidated) Clerk’s Department
Community & Development
Street Names By-law 4121F-13 Public Works
Swimming Pool By-law By-law 5155-19 Community & Development 
Taxes By-law 4969-17
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Finance Department
Trees By-law 4571-12 Public Works and Parks & Rec
Niagara Region
Trees on Private Property in Urban Areas
(Private Tree Protection By-law)

By-law 5139-19

By-law 5139A-19

By-law 5139B-19

Community & Development
Unlicensed Vehicles for Hire By-law 4702-14 Corporate Services
Use or Discharge of Guns 

By-law 870-78

By-law 870A-93

By-law 1633-86

Vehicles - Gross Weight Limit By-law 4678-13 Public Works
Water & Wastewater
By-law 5305-21
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Public Works
Wastewater Allocation Policy By-law 4600-12 Public Works
WPJT License Agreement By-law 4584-12 Corporate Services